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Extra bright Street Lights Series By GET TECHNOLOGIES

Unique Features/BOQ Specifications: 

Power Tolerance Range :Driver input voltage range is 100-277V
Operating Ambient Temperature :Light can perform at -40 ~+50
Driver Power Quality :Power Factor is >0.95 and THD<15%
LED Chip : Nichia Japan
Light Efficiency :Very high luminous efficiency of LED Chip >170 LM/Watt & Luminaire output >140Lm/Watt.

Features & Benefits of GET GLOW SERIES

Energy Saving: Saves Energy 70% as compare to conventional street Lights.
Longer Time: Lifetime reaches50 000, Hours at L70 ,which requires no lamp replacement.
Low Maintenance Cost :IP66 housing and longer life ensures low maintenance with no need
of internal cleansing as well as tool less opening of gear compartment and gear tray make easy
the maintenance.
Input Voltage Tolerance Range: Bear voltage fluctuations as low as100V and as high as up
to 277V .
Ambiance: Create more beautiful ambiance than HPS and Mercury lamp.
Environmentally Friendly: There are no IR and UV rays as well as in LED Lighting there is no
toxic chemicals like that found in traditional incandescent, fluorescent and HID lighting likearsenic,
mercury, lead, carbon dioxide or phosphorous.
Project Total Cost Reduction/ Cable Cost Saving: Due to low power consumption thinner wire
is used which saves the cable cost.
Instant Lighting & Frequent Switching: LED lights brighten up immediately and when powered
on, which has great advantages for infrastructure projects. Also frequent switching in
conventional lights consume more electricity.
Produces less glare: LED Lighting has higher productivity ,less ill glare and safety while driving.
Compatibility with Solar System: This special designed light has driver compartment with
battery size capacity so that compatible with solar system due to low power consumption.
Billing Slab Difference: Billing slab differential (less unit usage ,less billing). The higher unit
usage has higher tariff rates.
Power Factor Improvement: Get Technologies LED lights power factor is near to unity so there
are no power losses.
CO2 Emission Reduction: Under Kyoto protocol it has been estimated that LED Lights reduces
much more CO2 as compared to conventional Lights.
Generator /Fuel Saving : Now longer periods possible on UPS as the power drawn by LED light
is much lesser so low capacity generator is required than higher.